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Who are we and how did it all start?

The group was originally conceived in 2013 and became nothing more than a few online pals (with various skills) getting together and talking about the old times. We've known each other since early 2000 (and known of each other since long beyond that) and we were all very active in the Amiga scene. Our collective skills included: coding, ASCII, gfx, music and we released various public domain titles in various forms.

A Dropbox repository was then created so we could share design ideas, chat about possible "future" projects and upload any legacy productions we had.

Things kind of fizzled out but the intent was always there to maybe pick up the slack later.

Fast forward to 2018!

FuZioN started work on a small ASCII colly when he came across a load of logos he designed for the group project. This was never released and still sits in a near completed state in a dark corner of a HDD. Maybe one day seeing the light!

2019 (The BIG Bang!)

After watching the Revision demoparty and noticing how big the ANSI/PETSCII scenes were (and how small the Amiga ASCII scene was in comparison) we decided to start work on a remote ASCII entry for the NOVA 19 demoparty. This seemed well received and we then noticed Versus Amiga Magazine were having a votesheet compo at Edison 2019 Party.. That went well too! :)

zYX redesigned a whole new site for us and is currently reformatting our Amiga Scene interviews section. (Excellent work Alan!)

FuZioN created a new Fbook page to further enhance social media presence and is working on new ASCII releases.

Darkus is working on logos for the C64, so these will hopefully be online at a later date.

The demoscene as a whole does seem a lot more user friendly and approachable than it did 10 - 15 years ago and it seems that there is more an appreciation for nostalgia and actual productivity than creating arguments and flamewars.

The party scene is still as big as ever and this is great to see!

As long as we enjoy the vibe, we will stay active!

The future is bright....


  • Darkus
  • FuZioN
  • ObviousDisaster
  • zYX!

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